7 Unseen Trade Show Giveaway Ideas for 2015

Trade Show GiveawaysWhen you attend any trade show or exhibit at trade show, chances are there, you’ll come home with lots of free stuff. Few of them are likely you will never use them or even not look at most of the stuff again.

Don’t make the same mistakes! Instead of going the typical gifts, here are some interesting ideas for Trade show Giveaways to help you stand out from the crowd and give people things that they will actually use.

Promotional products canadaMagnifier Glasses
Floor map of en event can be hard to read, especially for older visitors. Give them a hand by offering Magnifier glasses to help them where they need to go. The appreciation from audience will help them to remember your brand.

Hand Sanitizer
Germs are ample at trade shows. Since no body wants to get sick, Hand Sanitizer as Promotional Products Canada, they can easily keep in with themselves is Good job!

Lip Balm
Everyone use Lip Balm, Especially Ladies! Hand out free stick at your booth, people will beseech about booth at the event and of course, their attention focused on your brand.

Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths
People who wear glasses know that they need frequent cleaning. Handing out cloths for such purpose is the unique idea, it’s something people in need and use frequently.

Head Shots
Everyone needs a good head shot, even if just for use on social media sites. Offer free head shots at your display and you will be gain more visitors than you are ever had before.

Retractable Headphones
You can have too many pairs of headphones, so why not offer a free pair of headphones? There’s no second thought people will get good use of them.

iPod Wraps
Everyone has an iPod, no body wants to it to break or get damaged. Cases can be expensive, so why not offer visitors a free iPod wraps? You will find lots to takers, and all of them remember you brand.


Win the Hearts with Corporate Gifts

We are right there at the end of the year, Christmas is next to come and holidays are all set to begin. This period of the year is also known for the gift giving. Whether it is home or office, everybody celebrate the holidays and offer gifts to the family members, friends, relatives and colleagues.

Corporate giftsIf you are owner of the office, then it is the big time for you as you can win the hearts of the employees, partners and potential customers by offering them valuable gifts signed with the logo of your company. You might think that, what is new in what I have mentioned as you have been dealing with the Corporate Gifts since years. But, the new thing is the method of giving.

Every business owner come with corporate gifts each year, but very few focus on the things, like – how they look, what is their quality, are they impressing the receiver and are they meaningful in promoting the brand. If you have answer of the above mentioned question and has the ability to turn the corporate gifts into motivational products, then probably you can do well with them.

To make the corporate gifts more happening, the two essential things that you need to do is,
A- You must focus on the look, quality and feel of the object.
B – You need to focus on the visibility of the logo.
If you are able to turn both the mentioned things in your favor, then you can hit the bull’s eye in one go.

If you are looking ahead for exceptional yet attractive gifts, then you should hang on to Akran Marketing, a company aimed to provide quality business and marketing solution to the commercial industry. The company has been doing well in the marketing industry since it’s inception and has satisfied the clients around the globe.

Motivation The Key to Success

Motivation is the key to reach the success. Through motivation you may increase your employee’s productivity and performance. Akran Marketing is the leading provider of the Motivational Promotional Products and corporate gifts that will help to promote your business, brand and to motivate your staff.

What Promotional Giveaways Give you Back?

Promotional giveaways

Do you Know about the Promotional Products Impact and Impression?

Let’s compare the facts and figure.

  • Television Advertisement – $0.005 Cost per Impression
  • Promotional Products – $0.005 Cost per Impression
  • Billboard – $0.03 Cost per Impression

The Magical Power of Promotional Products

  • 30% Branded promotional clothes has great market
  • 42% recipient had a more more favorable impression of the advertiser
  • 84% people can easily identify the advertiser after using their Promotional Products Canada.
  • 6% of the Corporate gifts are Computer based accessories.

What Customers Do?

    • They use office supply more than 50 times a month
    • Writing instruments are used on average 64 times
    • They kept Promotional giveaways more than 7 months
    • 80% people accepted that they have received LOGO merchandising.
    • 38% consider Motivational products a great and potential constant reminder.

How to Play at Trade Show?
Gifts and giveaways are a big part of trade show marketing. Here is list of Trade show Giveaways,

    • Desk Accessories
    • Custom Clothing and apparel
    • Promotional Tote Bags
    • Tech/Electronic Gadgets
    • USB Drives

Akran Marketing

Promotional Products are smartest investment of your marketing dollars Promote your business. We offer full spectrum of promotional products which enhance your brand image and give great exposure in the marketplaces.

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What is Best : Silk Screening or Embroidery?

Embroidery has classic appeal to it. The impression of quality and style that embroidery possess makes it a great match for corporate application and uniform or everything in between.

To get embroidered branding on clothing or promotional items, a kind of design is stitched onto a material through the use of advance technology. To do so, the art work you need to print, must be converted to a digital format by means of specialized process of converting artwork into the stitches.

Apparel clothing embroidery
We all know, embroidery is most commonly used for branding apparel clothing. More often, this art is engraved on promotional hats and caps also. But, when one has corporate branded and Logo garments or Apparel Clothing Embroidery, it add more prestigious look to your garments.

Silk screening
When embroidery in small quantities it often works out to be more effective than screen printing. However, you can not underestimate the power of silk screening. Silk Screen Printing may be the oldest and most practical printing technique dating back to very ancient time.

We at Akran Marketing, continued the contribution to screen printing by using many advance technologies. We emphasize strict quality standards during all stages of screen printing production. We know embroidery has long life span but silk screening has appealing power. There are certain branded cloths that can be screen printed but not embroidered.

There are some limitations for embroidery for specially corporate clothing and apparel. You can not embroidery your art on pockets of shirt. To do so, you need to remove the pocket. This does longer turn around time for larger orders.

Embroidery has professional look whereas silk screening has classic and fashionable feel. You can go with both or can choose on of them. For more details, Contact us on 613-739-4000.

Get Creative With your Trade Show Exhibition

Trade show marketing have its own significance. People never miss a single chance to attend the trade shows and companies do same to participate in the same. According to me, trade show is a platform where you can play your game – game of marketing.

Trade show giveaways

If you are next to participate in the upcoming trade show, chances are that you are looking for the creative ideas for Trade Show Giveaways.

As the trade shows are seasonal, it can sometime be a showcase of imitation at its best. There are rows and rows, all are shouting out the same, handing out pens and notepads, wearing same clothes and bland expression.

To draw attention of people in such crowded place can be difficult but not impossible. You just need to use your mind and bring some creative ideas. Here are some creative ideas to grab customers’ attention and you can utilize at your next trade show.

Try To Be Out Standing with Trade Show Giveaways

So, when there are rest of hundred booths are there coming from same industry. In fact, they are offering same services and products, how can you stand out from them?

Promotional giveaways

We all know, freebies is everything and it is crucial to turn eyeballs of people 360 degree round. The only thing that create a buzz around your trade show booth is your Promotional Giveaways, and they must be attractive and eye catching. Let’s take a look at this idea suggested by Akran Marketing,

According to my knowledge of marketing, people love live performance and they enjoy it very well. You can bring live actors to demonstrate your services and products. They also give ways viewers your freebies.

You can convince your one of the employees to be a booth model to demonstrate your wares. These big budget features can be done at at null cost and still have great impact on visitors.

How to Play Trade with Trade show Giveaways?

A key target of any trade show is marketing. Walk around any trade show; you will collect a bag full of a Trade Show Giveaways and Gifts. Everyone enjoys receiving freebie. Gifts always creates a favorable impression and build a goodwill.

Akran Marketing is a marketing consultant and often gives best marketing tips to follow up. With our years of experience in the marketing and advertising field, we suggest Before jumping to the trade show giveaway game, consider following tips to play wisely,

Target your audience
When you are focused with your objects, you know what to do with it. Having a targeted audience will help you to decide who should receive it. Consider different gift for different visitor. You might have different quality for different customers.

Find the Right Giveaways
There are range of items you can consider as a premium giveaway. Noe decide which one will best for you?? To select the right product; consider your objective. Do you want to convey a message like “Go Green”. Do you want to educate something to the audience? Set purpose to make selection easier. Ask expert and specialist for the help to make an effective selection.

Set a price
The price range you set for the Promotional Products Canada enormous. Quality, quantity, bulk order; all elements affect the prices. Set the budget as a part of marketing plan.

Engage your Audience
When you bring something new, unseen and unique giveaways to your trade show. Take few minutes and demo the products. Explain the features and functions of the products. It would engage your audience for a while at your booth. Resulted, it creates a buzz around the booth.

There are plenty of trade show giveaway you can choose from. Avoid pen, pencils – make a premium choice of giveaways.